Legacy of the Great Poet: Development of Spirituality and Culture

In literary sources, human spirituality is defined as the striving of people for the heights of culture and the improvement of their creative abilities. Accordingly, the constitutional right to participate in cultural life, i.e. the right to access to cultural values in all areas of cultural activity is one of the most important human rights. In accordance with Article 56 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan “everyone has the right to participate in cultural life, freedom of artistic, scientific and technical creativity. Copyright and human interests in scientific, technical creativity, as well as artistic, literary and cultural activities are protected by law. The state shall promote the development of science, culture, art, folk art, sports and tourism.”

Due to the consistent policy of esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the rich cultural heritage of the Turkmen people is explored comprehensively and studied on a scientific basis. The harmonious combination of traditions with innovations characterises the modern development of Turkmen society. A vivid example is the thoughtful comprehension of the spiritual treasure of Magtymguly Pyragy in the Era of Might and Happiness as an invaluable source of the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation.

Culture, art and poetry are known to be inseparable foundations of the development of human spirituality. In this context, spirituality is a voluntary choice of the most important human values and ideals by the person, the commitment to harmony with nature and society in his or her everyday life. The concept of spirituality has many aspects, but the main ones in the spiritual essence are independence of judgment, self-awareness and the ability to reflect on him- or herself, to give him- or herself an account of his or her inner state and direct actions to the positive direction, taking responsibility for them. Such an approach enables a person to become a source of sense-setting, personal self-determination and meaningful creation and provides an opportunity of supplementing the natural basis of being with the world of moral and cultural values.

The achievements of culture and science, the humane traditions of the ancestors, their moral principles and peacefulness are manifested in the creative legacy of Magtymguly. The creative works of Magtymguly are as multifaceted as the centuries-old history of the Turkmen people and the natural landscapes of Turkmenistan. The borders of Turkmenistan stretch along the grey Khazar Sea and the picturesque banks of the large and most impetuous Amudarya River, along the endless Ustyurt Plateau and the majestic peaks of the Kopetdag Mountains. The deeply philosophical thoughts of the poet about the world, being of the human person, spiritual and moral values, friendliness and statehood serve as our life guide and an exemplary school of patriotism and humanism.

Magtymguly Pyragy made his invaluable contribution to human civilization, bringing fame to our country all over the world and capturing it in history forever. Therefore, we have a right to be proud of the creative legacy of the great thinker. The deeply informative works of Magtymguly that are part of the treasury of the spiritual culture of humankind are read today in many languages of the world. Pyragy’s call for unity and his dreams for the solidarity of the Turkmen people have come true. Today, Turkmenistan is an independent neutral state with the friendly and united people. The sovereign state is developing and creating in peace and prosperity. Respected President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasises the achievements and accomplishments of the independent Motherland that arouse the keen interest of the nations all over the world provide ample opportunities to enhance the fame of the national cultural heritage and tangible, spiritual and moral values of the people.

The younger generation is brought up in the ideological guidelines of the national heritage, since the ideological orientations of society, the interconnection of the state, society and citizen are rooted in centuries. The example of the creative activity of Magtymguly convinces us of this. The historical, modern and future landmarks of society are reflected in the universal and encyclopaedic works of the thinker. Magtymguly Pyragy appears before us as a well-educated and integral personality, combining philosophical theory with social practice in his universalism.

Under the wise leadership of the leader of the nation, Turkmenistan as a full-fledged member of the world community with the status of permanent neutrality that is committed to promoting peaceful, friendly and mutually beneficial relations with all countries of the region and all nations of the world is an example of sustainable socioeconomic development, an initiator of important international legal mechanisms in the field of environment protection and efficient use of natural resources, energy and transport sectors, preventive diplomacy and promotion of the principles of permanent neutrality and healthy lifestyles. This is due to the fact that all the proposals and initiatives of the President of Turkmenistan are aimed at ensuring the peaceful and happy life of all humankind.

The development of the national culture of every country is largely determined by the attitude of society towards the person and his or her abilities and creative participation in social and economic transformations. The importance of the role of cultural traditions in renovating the values and comprehensive activities of the people of Turkmenistan is the foundation, on which the strategic conception of cultural policy, oriented to fulfilling large-scale socio-cultural tasks, such as the improvement in the people’s welfare, social integration, consolidation of social cohesion and solidarity, is built. Cultural heritage objects lay the groundwork for the preservation of cultural traditions and the historical memory of the nation.

In his books and speeches, the Arkadag scientist tells about dynamically growing modern Turkmenistan. The leader of the nation is the founder of the modern era of state development and the modernisation of society in the context of the prospects of the third millennium, such as the age of information and digitization. The united people of Turkmenistan fully support the head of state, take pride in him and moves forward under his leadership towards new heights of creation, peace and prosperity.

The spiritual and cultural sphere of Turkmen society is improving together with sustainable socioeconomic development. As a result, the measures are taken to develop the achievements and accomplishments in the cultural sphere on a scientific basis and reveal its essence as a social phenomenon and as a specific form of human activity. In-depth theoretical analysis of the main issues, related to intangible culture, such as the continuity of cultural traditions, the development of the structure and the essence of culture, the relationship of tangible and intangible culture and the international significance of national values, is conducted in the works by the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

In general, throughout the centuries-old history of the Turkmen people, spirituality and culture have been considered a value that brings states and peoples closer together, and the person with the high standards of culture traditionally enjoys boundless respect in society. The modern stage of development of our society is based on the active use of various aspects of human culture, including legal culture which is directly related to the processes of social improvement. Contemporary interest in legal culture comes from the tasks of forming the personality as a conscious subject of entire social activity.

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