Known Only When Far Away – Magtymguly Pyragy

Known Only When Far Away
People won’t know the value of a good-natured man,
Good-natured men are known only when they are far away.
If God casts a glance onto a person,
Whatever is going to happen is known from the very beginning.
Don’t commit sins staying inside your home,
Both your hands and legs will be witnesses against you,
It is a secret to the people, but obvious to God,
A good-natured person is known only when at work.
In this world wealth is your value,
You can do what you aim for;
Everyone will praise you when you are at home,
A brave man is known only when in battle.
If you burn henna you will get a dye,
If you melt gold, you will get a stone,
All horses look the same,
A real horse is known only when in the race.
Hoja, Seit, you influence common people,
And serve as guides to the poor ones,
With nice and smiling faces,
Everyone is known only when in the crowd.
Magtymguly, the day of dreams,
The religion of Islam is good,
The most beautiful girl’s beauty
Is known only by her eyes and eyebrows.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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