Its Value is Known by a Horse – Magtymguly Pyragy

Its Value is Known by a Horse
A donkey does not feel inferior to a horse,
One can see its value only by a horse,
But when we say a horse, we do not imply that all horses are equal,
True horses are known in the field they belong to.
In your childhood, you did not know you were a powerful bey,
An evil person won’t take your advice or listen to your word,
If you are wise, never ask the origin of a young man,
He will demonstrate it through his manners and deeds.
Your hungry eyes will never have enough in this world,
Not every lion can become a tiger,
When we say a young man, we know that all young men are not equal,
The true young men will be known when welcoming their guests.
If wealth comes to the one to become rich,
He will be in need of support and people around,
A young brave man will show who he is through his deeds,
He can be distinguished in battle and conversation.
Magtymguly, the tears of the poor people,
Will burn down the mountains, burn the stones,
The misdeeds of the cruel inflicting sufferings upon the poor,
Will be obvious on the Day of Judgment.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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