It Won’t Descend from the Sky, My Friends – Magtymguly Pyragy

It Won’t Descend from the Sky, My Friends
The soul, not being at ease, rose from its seat.
It flew up and won’t descend from the sky, my friends.
It has an intention which occupies its mind,
Indeed, it won’t give up this intention, my friends.
It has tasted the sugar of love,
Now it won’t listen to the advice given by clerics,
Rose from its venue, went across the dam,
It will never be back to occupy its place, my friends.
Having considered love wisely and consciously,
Can one who is in love and inspired by it come to his senses?
Those who tasted pure wine from the hands of their beloved,
Once they taste it, won’t be satiated, my friends.
There is a script in the hair of Fatima,
It will be read when people are chosen for the Hereafter,
There is such a fire in the hearts of lovers,
Indeed, it doesn’t burn as these fires do, my friends.
Magtymguly, love will get inspired on its own,
Love is known to make friends strangers to each other, my friends,
It will burn one down without fire, and flare up with no wind,
Once ignited it will never get extinguished, my friends.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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