It Will Never Be Equal to a Horse – Magtymguly Pyragy

It Will Never Be Equal to a Horse
The work of a donkey is worthless, my friends,
It will never be equal to work done by a horse.
If something could influence an idler,
Please know, there will be no comparison to a delicate man.
Don’t believe in the transient world,
Don’t be proud of gold and silver,
Don’t give your soul to your sons-in-law,
They will be of no comparison to your sibling of the same blood.
If your eyes have seen much,
If you know from each meaning,
The word you said to an ignorant man
Won’t compare to a flow of wind.
When you fall ill and are tied to your pillow,
You will have no patience and fortitude.
When you lose your strength and power,
Your sons and daughters will be worse than strangers to you.
Magtymguly says, in good times,
Some laugh, whereas others cry.
Trees providing us with various fruit,
Will become fruitless, of no comparison to Paradise.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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