It Was There When the World Was Created – Magtymguly Pyragy

It Was There When the World Was Created
Though hundreds of thousands leave this world every day,
Still such an amount was there when the world was created,
If a hundred thousand abandon it due to their wrongdoings,
Still another hundred thousand lived a worthy life.
Hundreds of thousands of dervishes are in such a disastrous state,
Fasting all the time not having enough to eat,
In many a place one can see those who are crying,
There are also those who are happy and joyful.
If you travel throughout the four corners of the world,
You’ll come across those who don’t distinguish halal from haram, demons from devils;
Some would make their steady steps along the path they’d cleared,
Another hundred thousand are not caring about anything but their fixed routine.
It is such a chaotic time that it won’t come to the people’s minds,
Unfortunately nobody asked me, I would have told many useful things.
Where are Solomon, Rustem and the other courageous men?
Please don’t tell me that still there are some, who found ways to stay.
Magtymguly don’t fill your heart with sadness,
This is the time of work, so don’t get lost in your thoughts,
Don’t sit there speechless thinking that there is nobody to understand your words,
The world is vast, so there are some who know.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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