It Is Stubborn, My Friends – Magtymguly Pyragy

It Is Stubborn, My Friends
Oh, dervishes, true believers, prosperous rich men,
The fate’s turn is stubborn, my friends
Praying in reproach will not be counted,
Don’t rely on wealth; it is all in vain, my friends.
If noses become skinny, faces turn yellow,
Lips get dry, tongues become speechless,
Nails turn purple and eyes become dull,
Everything except faith is nothing, my friends.
Your foundation is a handful of soil; your breath is a single sniff,
Come to your senses, your work is useless,
A body is a temporary place of shelter for the soul with not enough air to breathe,
A soul is a blindfolded bird, my friends.
Do not be ignorant; whoever comes to this world will leave one day,
Don’t spend your life in joy and fun in this world, there are worse things.
The caravans will be set forth; will walk keeping the line,
It is a never ending move, my friends.
The angel of death will come one day and make you frustrated,
Those who leave, won’t return, this is the way,
Distances are far, loads are heavy
Start up early, or it’s going to be late, my friends.
You’ll be saved if you die on the path of God,
You’ll satisfy him if you give the best of robes,
It’ll become your shelter if you give bread to the needy,
It’s indeed equal to a pilgrimage to provide a hungry man with bread, my friends.
What we consider this world is made of just two pieces,
One of them is black, the other is white,
A dream you have one night is not there the following day,
A dream is a sample of this world, my friends.
Magtymguly, obey this order,
Don’t lose yourself being occupied with wealth,
Stuff of a hundred years for five days’ life
Just think, what a world, my friends.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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