Is There Anyone Who Suffered – Magtymguly Pyragy

Is There Anyone Who Suffered
Travelers, beggars,
Is there anyone who suffered like me?
The butterflies in search of love,
Is there anyone who had enough of this fire?
Is there any ignorant person in this world
Who has never entered at least one door,
Who has never reached at least one goal,
Who has never had his wit in mind?
You have come like a morning breeze,
Stayed in each house,
Looked around this world,
But is there a fair sultan?
You have no dissatisfaction in this world,
Prophets, speak your mind,
Having once escaped an evil person,
Is there anyone who can escape him forever?
You played a tune on a reed pipe,
I am indebted with many debts,
Is there a bird in this world,
That can escape from the hawks?
Fish, you swim in the ocean,
You stay away from the deserts and steppes,
You swim in many waters,
Is there a place like Paradise?
Fate is not able to seek,
Revolving, it won’t limit itself to coming once,
Is there a shop in the market,
Where the goods never end?
Is there a worthy woman in this world,
Who has her speech sweet,
Who has a moon-like face,
Who has an Indian mark on her face?
Secretly, I will tell the morning wind,
Which travels all over the world,
Have you seen my beloved Mengli,
That put my soul on fire?
You used to wander around it,
Near its slope, near where the sun rays fall,
Is there any rain or mist,
On the tops of those aged mountains?
Sitting with his feet in mud,
Burning in fire,
Is there a man brave enough in this world,
Fighting with fate itself?
You travelled days and nights,
Visited many magnificent palaces,
Is there the Quran in those houses,
You visited?
Being by a beauty resembling a cypress,
In the month of Ramadan,
Is there fire and prison,
In the greedy house of this transient world?
Her speech shows her temper,
One can read legends looking into her eyes,
Is there a sign directed toward us,
In the flower-like face of my beloved Mengli?
Magtymguly, you spoke little,
You gave a clear sign of your sufferings,
The geese in the lake flock together,
Is there a Motherland for us?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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