Is There Anyone Who Laughed – Magtymguly Pyragy

Is There Anyone Who Laughed
Oh, my friends, Muslims,
Is there anyone who laughed but never cried?
Is there anyone who left this transient world,
And then returned back?
Oh, fate, you made some people happy,
You relieved some people from grief,
Some were killed by you,
Is there anyone who is happy with you?
Someone sows seeds of devotion,
Someone suffers a mortal pain,
Some are freed from grief,
Is there anyone who withered without turning yellow first?
I’ve got to know the joys of this world,
Of its alertness when in grief,
Is there one, who knows the value of health,
Before he gets sick?
This world is of two edges,
One is black; the other one is white,
There are two stations, the distance is far,
Is there anyone who thought about this?
Magtymguly, he who came, will leave
He who settles on this running spring
Will have to move one day;
The candle of youth will get blown down,
Is there any lie in my words?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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