Inspiration Will Be Ignited – Magtymguly Pyragy

Inspiration Will Be Ignited
The time will come when an idea will flash through my head,
A dream will strike, and ignite my inspiration.
If my heart is inspired, then my mind is clear,
Thoughts will keep me busy, grief will hinder my memory.
If a dervish starts moaning at dawn,
Takes a rope from his waist to put around his neck,
If someone, loved by God, prays with bad intentions,
Fate will shudder, and the skies will burn.
A fool will consider himself a match to the clever one;
He will commence some work, and only afterward think about it.
He will fetter your aptitude, and abate your wisdom,
He will make all your experience in vain by not following your advice.
The creator cherished such zealots as Ali,
Respecting elders is an ancient tradition.
People of seventy two nationalities bury their dead;
Dog worshippers burn the bodies of their dead.
Magtymguly, if a bowl is granted by God,
And it overflows, bringing your dreams,
If lovers moan from their hearts,
It will shatter mountains and burn stones.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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