Indeed – Magtymguly Pyragy

Oh, my friends, a human being,
Was created from soil, indeed,
A human, originally made of soil,
Is to get mixed with soil again, indeed.
Some in trouble and in worry,
Some in sadness and in sorrow.
It was described in a sacred verse,
Death and Resurrection are both true, indeed.
For your guilt you’re in trouble,
In sorrow, in worry, in need,
It is true that one will be questioned
In the darkness of the grave, indeed.
When the angel of death comes after you,
This state will disappear in your eyes,
If Dedjal comes with a great passion,
It is true that the Sun and the Moon tell us the time, indeed.
When the Shariah laws are not followed anymore,
When the world is covered with dark ignorance,
When the deadline of promises gets closer,
It is true that the End of the World has come, indeed.
Infidels turn into a great sorrow,
The Prophet reaches the presence of God,
Israfyl prepares his scales,
It is true that all of your sins and good deeds are to be weighed, indeed.
That day will turn into panic and darkness,
The scale of the skies appears on Judgment Day,
The Great Provider of all our necessities will gather the Council,
It is true that the Prophet will show his mercy, indeed.
Some cross the Syrat bridge like birds,
Some cross it in a thousand years,
Sinful servants will burn and turn into ashes,
It is true that they will go to the Hell, indeed.
The thirsty ones will be given poison,
The hungry ones will be given zakgun,
Scorpions will be poured upon them,
It is true they are to be bitten by snakes and spiders, indeed.
Those who stay there will cry,
The hell fire will burn them all,
Becoming weak when burning in the fire,
Their voices will be heard in the skies, indeed.
Magtymguly, you’ll say I’ve taken it,
If you take from someone forcefully,
There’s no other way, you have to return it,
What you took, you must return, indeed.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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