In The Spring Moonlight The Lord Of Love By Vidyapati Thakur

In The Spring Moonlight The Lord Of Love

In the spring moonlight the lord of love
Thro’ the amorous ravel’s maze doth move;
The crown of love love’s raptures proves;
For Radha his amorous darling moves,
Radha the ruby of ravishing girls
With him bathed in love’s moonlight whirls.
And all the merry maidens with rapture
Dancing together the light winds capture
And the bracelets speak with a ravishing cry.
And the murmur of waist -bells rises high-
Meanwhile rapture -waking string
Ripest of strains the sonata of spring
That lover and lord of love- languid notes
With tired delight in throbbing throats.
And rumours of violin and bow
And the mighty Queen’s-harp mingle and flow;
And Radha’s ravisher makes sweet measure
With the flute,that musical voice of pleasure.
Bidyapati’s genius richly wove
For King Roupnaraian this rhythm of love.

[Translated by Sri Aurobindo]


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