Imagine – Magtymguly Pyragy

If you are caught in a corner before you had a chance to see the world,
Imagine that you were set up to travel the world on a horse as fast as the wind.
Imagine that you have skills in many crafts, both old and new,
In countries such as China, India, the Roman Empire and Ethiopia.
Never engage yourself in begging even if you are hungry,
Say to yourself: “I am in a palace; my head has reached the sky.”
If you happen to be in the desert and cannot find any shade,
Imagine you found shade in the Garden of Eden.
Whenever you are offered food, do not hasten,
Even if you are too hungry, do not reveal that to the people around.
Having won the support of real servants by spreading gold and silver,
Even if you die young, imagine that you’ve reached the age of Noah.
If no one, except God, knows that you are in need,
The living is enough if one does not die of hunger.
If you do not own clothes like Indians do,
Imagine that you possess a whole bundle of the Shah’s clothes.
Such people like Suleyman, whose orders were followed,
By the water and wind, are no longer in this world.
If you are in a desert and you are dying from thirst,
Imagine yourself as if you are Iskender in the river.
Imagine if you become a companion to an ant, which does not understand you,
If you cannot find a place to sleep other than with the snake,
Imagine that you have seized the treasury of Karun,
Twenty six times with the help of a hundred thousand brave men.
Magtymguly, even though you are suffering and in pain,
Know that being thankful and patient will please God,
Know that your live body is like a grave for your soul, thin as hair,
And though your tongue is alive, imagine that you are dead.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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