If There Is No Salt Either – Magtymguly Pyragy

If There Is No Salt Either
If you are treated to ninety different dishes,
And if there is neither taste nor salt in any of them,
You are not aware what lies ahead of you,
And it is a challenge if there are no eyes on your head.
You have feet to walk, and hands to take,
But is there anyone who is thankful for his health,
You have ears to know that you hear,
Who will be there to correct, if you have no words on your tongue?
You gave life out of nothing and provided,
Faith will grow in the garden of the soul.
If you are a human being, then know your Master,
Even if your Master never encountered you face to face.
He who believes in his destiny will never lessen his wealth,
Will never hide his words among those who know words.
The soul won’t get inspired and the tongue won’t speak,
If there is no fire of love in every heart.
Year by year there will be an increase of shortages,
If God himself does not take care of providing.
The word of the world will seem like a treat with no salt,
If there is no mention of ladies in your talk.
Close your eyes, and live your life with your teeth clenched.
When you live up to the season of spring, do not forget your winter,
Always take the risk, leaving your success to God,
You will accomplish your work, though not quickly, if you are patient.
Magtymguly, I am wandering in my dreams,
I imagine many attractive things.
Those who hear my words, hopefully, will not be ashamed,
If my words are not deep in meaning compared to those of my people.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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