If Seized – Magtymguly Pyragy

If Seized
There are so many deeds in this world, the bad ones,
He who is seized with rage for nothing, does nothing worth anything,
He who is in love, and is far away, separated by a long distance from his beloved,
Feels that each day is the end of the world for him.
Do not linger with your friend, or he will lose his profit,
Do not linger with your enemy, or he will learn your secret,
Do not try to recover your loan from the poor, and do not be indebted to the rich;
Any work is hard for someone who does not get it.
Would the soil be ready to swallow you so soon,
Would the wisdom lie there in the soil with no sorrow,
Would any disgrace be worse than this,
If one leaves this world with no fame, or comes with nothing.
If you had a house with ten floors and iron walls,
Death still will find you if that is God‘s order.
The true man will never turn away from danger,
If this trouble is ordered by God.
They will pretend they’re Sufis and boast,
Verify their words with those who know for sure,
A sincere tear shed at one day’s dawn is better
than a hypocrite’s hundred years spent worshipping God.
The rich, locking the door of generosity,
Increase the number of spiders and snakes in hell.
Look at Sufis of this era and time
They won’t be selective and eat whatever is served.
Magtymguly, speak up about whatever you consider right,
Instead of wasting your life, earn for your afterlife,
For a good man who marries a wicked woman
Every day will turn into hell until he dies.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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