If He Doesn’t Have What He Has to Own – Magtymguly Pyragy

If He Doesn’t Have What He Has to Own
This is the epoch we have—they’ll be unnoticed,
If young a man doesn’t have what he has to own.
His words worth a hundred tumen won’t be taken for a coin,
If a person has no trust.
The body is a stifling place, the soul is bloodthirsty,
Words that come onto your tongue are traceries of a soul.
Hell with water and grass is better,
If there’s no bazaar in every land.
The sons of beys have become cattle hands,
When a body will be able to withstand the poison of a serpent,
It’ll come back injured to the city of Lut,
If every land is not governed by a brave man.
There are more ignorant men than wise ones in this world.
Ignorance is an evil, knowledge is life.
Those young men are no better than animals with a human’s tongue,
If they don’t have any dignity.
Poverty is a very bad evil for a young man,
He won’t share his words with his friends,
Bad habit turns a friend into an alien,
Let it be driven out if it is not for the benefit of the nation.
God hasn’t granted everyone a good beloved,
All his words are full with grief and he is full of sorrow,
Even if he lived up to a hundred years, he wouldn’t enjoy even five days of life,
If a human being didn’t have a companion he is worthy of.
Magtymguly, entrust yourself to Allah,
Don’t lose your dignity in front of every coward,
I beg you forget this word of yours,
What the use of it if nobody is in need of it?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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