I’d Like to Feel the Wind of Dawn – Magtymguly Pyragy

I’d Like to Feel the Wind of Dawn
I’d like to feel the wind of dawn,
On the hills of Dehistan,
I’d like to see Zengi Baba,
Bahauddin, Mirkulal.
The one whose clog is the crown of the heavens,
The one whose name is well known in the Universe,
The one who is needed in both worlds,
I’d like to see the one, who speaks Arabic.9
Whoever comes won’t stay long likewise dawn,
Their time spent in apologies won’t be long,
A soul desires to travel a lot,
In order to see the world.
I’d like to see good and bad,
Like Hydyr in deserts,
Like Ilyas in waters,
Like Kowus in mountains.
I’d like to see India located up on the map,
Turkestan, which is behind on the map,
I’d like to see the Roman Empire,
The ocean of the cemeteries.
The soul is crazy, the world is wild,
What won’t be of use in it?
Seven mountains, seven rivers,
I’d like to see the entire wild world.
If Magtymguly is happy,
If tears fill my eyes,
If my faith is my companion,
I’d like to go to see the Kaaba.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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