I Reached That Age – Magtymguly Pyragy

I Reached That Age
As I got older, I lost my conscience,
Oh, friends, my age reached fifty.
Oh Kareem, my fear is disappearing day by day,
This ill intention of mine got firmer with every breath.
Unfortunately, I did nothing for religion,
My life is full of suffering, my beard became gray,
My strength is weakened, my teeth are blunt,
But I still dream that I am young.
My heart always was in search of the world’s gold,
My eyes too always looked for the beauties,
My tongue too always was in gossip and lies,
Satan is an infidel, greed is all cruelty.
If help doesn’t come in time from you, oh Jabbar,
When will there be a chance to overcome this disaster?
I was attached to illusory dreams and desires,
Not having the slightest capability to serve God.
Friends, I have no trust in this life,
My destiny is blacker than coal,
The sun of my fate is covered by mist,
My Lord, please, awaken my sleeping fate.
Oh, Allah, my true greed might be awful,
But my wish from the Gracious is the light of faith,
My bad deeds are innumerable, as well as my sins,
Please, I beg you to forgive me, oh my Zuljalal.
Magtymguly, I am on fire with love,
If others grieve for their property, I am in misery because of my state,
I am wandering between my fears and hope,
My Lord, what will become of me on Judgment Day?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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