I Need A Lover And A Friend By Rumi Balkhi

I need a lover and a friend
All friendships you transcend
And impotent I remain
You are Noah and the Ark
You are the light and the dark
Behind the veil I remain
You are passion and are rage
You are the bird and the cage
Lost in flight I remain
You are the wine and the cup
You are the ocean and the drop
While afloat I remain
I said, “O Soul of the world
My desperation has taken hold!”
“I am thy essence,” without scold,
“Value me much more than gold.”
You are the bait and the trap
You are the path and the map
While in search I remain
You are poison and the sweet
You are defeated and defeat
Sword in hand I remain
You are the wood and the saw
You are cooked, and are raw
While in a pot I remain
You are sunshine and the fog
You are water and the jug
While thirsty I remain
Sweet fragrance of Shams is
The joy and pride of Tabriz
Perfume trader I remain.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
March 27, 1998

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