I Knocked On Heart’s Door, For Heart I Crave By Rumi Balkhi

I knocked on heart’s door, for heart I crave
Came, “who knocks?” I said, “heart’s slave!”
The bright beams of love shone through the door’s crack
Upon the passers by, and lit up that deep black
Wave upon wave of lovely beams, my heart was over-run
Compared to this bright light, were pale the moon and sun.
If the mind takes command, heart enslavement will demand
Will put a leash on mind and all, and hold the end in its hand.
This excitement in the world, serves only to agitate
And break loose every chain, for this joyous heartful state.
His body brings forth light, enthroned upon the seat of might
Soul at its door sits in delight, and reads much in that sight.
He is not a mendicant, who speaks little yet says much
Reflect upon reflections, see all that is while “nothing” watch.
All who have tasted this wine, are compelled to walk this line
Every one of stars nine, with heart’s design themselves align.
From Tabriz one such as Shams, arrives for seekers of divine
Nurtures in love’s vineyard, gardener of thy soul’s vine.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 15, 1998

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