I Have Seen The Airplanes Of Firang

I have seen the airplanes of Firang (British)
Underneath you see the thunders of the ocean
I have seen the palaces of London
Beautiful, free and romantic girls
I have seen the beautiful cities of Italy
With red grapes, red wines and red flowers
I have seen the beautiful girls of Paris
With sweet voice and style like butterfly
I have seen the flowers of Taj Mahal
Beautiful Mughal cities of Delhi
I have seen cities in America
The buildings touching the clouds
But once I see my own house made of mud
I forget about all the palaces of the world
These narrow streets of my village
Are dearer to me than all the beautiful cities of the world
Once you embrace an uneducated and simple Pakhtoon brother
You will forget about all the beauties of the universe
Thanks Allah that I am born in this nation
I am a part of the body of an upright Pakhtoon
The big palaces of London are of no use to me
And the beautiful girls of Paris and flowers of Rome
I swear I will come out of Paradise
If I don’t listen to the traditional language of Pakhtoon

By: Ghani Khan Baba


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