I Have Been Mixed with the Clouds – Magtymguly Pyragy

I Have Been Mixed with the Clouds
My smoke has been blown away;
I have been mixed with the clouds.
Fate twisted my arm and spun it around its wheel.
No one came to see me with an interest in their eyes;
The rain of separation started and flooded me with sorrow.
I was gone with the flood of grief and arrived to the country of love,
With my head full of thoughts and mind gone with the wind,
I was standing poor and deprived in the meadow of abundance,
Love plunged with its dagger and tore my heart with separation,
It left me under the sun spreading my destan throughout the world.
There is neither soul nor energy in my dead body,
I’m puzzled and surprised at the same time not knowing what happened,
I am neither sick nor ill, neither dead nor alive,
Sorrow attacked me from the sky when descending,
The fate took me and brought me to the menacing one.
It so happened that mischief attacked and killed me,
Love has taught me the means of this deed,
The fate felt sorry for my hope; it took my hand and lifted it up,
I felt like seeing the appearance of the Almighty,
My friends, I can only speak, for I am torn into pieces.
Magtymguly, my nobility enslaved my beloved,
Having given me a hope, she turned me into a nightingale with a thousand tunes,
The separation put me into the fire; it flamed up and turned me into a whirlwind.
The love flame flared up, it burnt me and turned me into ashes,
Separation, using the one who separates, pushed me to go with the wind.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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