I Came Across – Magtymguly Pyragy

I Came Across
In the early morning hours while I was wandering,
I came across a nice place, a wonderful house,
Going one way or the other not knowing my direction,
I came across an amazing land and a beautiful palace.
I came across a bow set with no string,
Created by no master, tied with no string,
Sold with no price, kept with no hand,
Drawn with no touch, shot with no arrow.
Hoping that stars will guide me, I came across the Moon,
No matter how many friends he’s been wandering with,
No matter, he found himself in the caravan, having lost the row,
No matter how surprised he was, having lost his hope for life.
With all my heart I liked the sherbet my friends drank,
They are having hundreds of joys, but I am suffering thousands of grievances,
Having been separated, I am moaning, but I retain my strength,
I have been looking for a spring to drink water from, but I came across a gully.
I have neither power in my body, nor a soul within,
I don’t know whether there is benefit or harm in this,
There is neither count, nor a known quantity,
I came across an affair no one knows about.
Putting a rope of madness over my head,
On a fast horse I was by my beloved in no time,
I reached out my hand to the red wine and stared,
The pure wine was gone, I came across mud instead.
Magtymguly is my name,
The entire world can warm their hands over my fire,
Oh, my friends, who can I tell about my sufferings,
I came across an affair I do not know about.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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