I Am Enslaved To Fate, Of All Else Say No More By Rumi Balkhi

I am enslaved to fate, of all else say no more
With a sweet tongue speak, else I plea say no more
Speak not of troubles, of treasures tell me more
And if of this you know not, be not troubled, say no more.
I have gone insane, Love found me, then whispered in my ear
“I am here, cry not aloud, curse yourself not, say no more”
I said “O Love it is other than Thee that I fear!”
Said “it may thus appear, yet is not so, say no more
I speak in your ear, to you brings secrets near
Speak with your head, confirm a nod, say no more!”
I asked, “what do I see? Is it an angel or a man?”
Said “no more an angel than a man, is another, say no more”
“Tell me what is, why withhold? Why the flames of my torment fan?”
Said, “just be tormented, confused, say no more!
For leaving this colorful and false abode you’ve made no plan
Rise up and just depart, leave this home, say no more!
Mevlana see only Shams, to none other your heart pour
See the light of that divine glowing face, say no more!”
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 23, 1998

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