I Am Enslaved To Fate By Rumi Balkhi

I am enslaved to fate
Other than fate say not a thing
Honey is sweet, tastes great
Other than great say not a thing
Of pain speak nothing
If joy not bring, say not a thing
If for you this has no ring
Joyously sing, say not a thing
I had once gone insane
Love whispered when saw my pain,
“I’ve come and will remain
Madness refrain, say not a thing.”
I said “O Love, I fear
The things other than Thee here”
Said “though may thus appear
To me is clear, say not a thing
“I’ll whisper in your ear
Secrets to you bring near
Nod your head and hold dear
Silently hear, say not a thing”
“The face I see so well
Angel or man? Pray do tell”
Said “this is other than angel
Nor with man dwell, say not a thing”
“Pray tell, what do I see
Else all my senses will flee”
“From senses remain free
And just be, say not a thing
“You reside in this abode
Where color & falsehood explode;
Rise up, take up the road
Pick up your load, say not a thing
“Other than Shams-e Tabriz
If ever Mevlana please,
Blow away with morning breeze
His Light seize, say not a thing!”
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 23, 1998

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