Hesitation – Magtymguly Pyragy

Ignorance has put his head on its pillow,
A slumbering man spent so much time in hesitation.
The bird of life turned carnivorous in the cage of the body,
And is struggling to free itself with every breath.
Your life has passed; you haven’t any good deeds,
You should have turned a stop on your path into a mosque, enjoying a hard mat of reeds.
Whatever you did is against your true belief, worth nothing,
Thus there is a bow with an arrow because you are indebted.
Take a piece of advice from good people,
Your caravan has left, hurry to catch up,
The son of Adam, be aware,
Insatiable Satan is waiting for you.
Eating at pleasure and getting dressed fancily,
Sleeping soundly and not thinking of fear,
The Lion of Death is ready for you, roaring and raising its paw.
Standing at your head, stretching from time to time.
Magtymguly, wake up, come to your senses,
Do not get into suffering, boasting about your wealth,
Don’t put your life into the hands of the passing world,
The bottom of this blemish is quite obvious.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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