He Left this World They Said – Magtymguly Pyragy

“He Left this World,” They Said
Oh, dear friends, a nasty destan came to its end,
“A hero left this world,” they said,
The end of the world has come, the Sun darkened,
“The Sun and the Moon have set,” they said.
An expected pain of separation came,
Seidi Tarhan will suffer the pain of separation,
The harvest of his life – the lonely candle,
“Was blown off by a great storm,” they said.
Ovezgeldi has gone, as well as other things,
A discourse has ended, happiness turned into sadness,
Brothers, trusted friends, close ones and strangers,
“All wore black and cried,” they said.
He who had a divine horse, a sturdy belt, as well as full ammunition,
Devoted to his state, splendor and wealth,
He who had many guests, wealth and a palace,
“His great horde is now abandoned,” they said.
The suffering from solitude will pass,
It is the worst of all to be left with no sons,
One’s place will be lost without the heir,
“His caravan has moved leaving nothing behind,” they said.
Magtymguly, the great man of Turkestan,
A brave one, the trusted servant of Soyunhan,
The glory of the army, the core of the battle,
“The earth has taken him now,” they said.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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