He Did Not Suffer When Young – Magtymguly Pyragy

He Did Not Suffer When Young
He won’t like to work when grown up,
If he did not suffer when young.
After becoming rich he will lose his mind
If he did not have enough in his youth.
An admonition is useless for an ill-natured man,
But for a good-natured one a single word is enough.
For one who has never worn a new robe,
It’s easy to take a wrong path.
An armored robe made of steel,
A sharp sword, an Arabian horse,
A young man with no courage,
Will become shameless in battle.
A shepherd won’t feel at ease among people,
A crow is careful not to get shot,
A quick-tempered young man won’t yield,
When there are too many people.
Put every effort in your service,
Don’t spare a piece of bread,
If someone is bleeding, sacrifice your own blood,
For a poor young man who is your guest.
No one will be left in this world,
Wealth never accompanied the soul,
If a young man is not granted a child,
It’s as if he has never come to this world.
Silver will look like copper to a diamond,
Even a slave girl will be quite a match for a widower.
A beautiful woman will look quite ugly,
To a young man without a generous nature.
The wealth you’ve gathered will turn into spiders and mosquitoes,
They’ll start sucking your blood,
If you are such a greedy man not willing
To give zakat from your wealth.
Magtymguly won’t get lost on his way,
Good words will not affect a bad person,
From the thousands of words you’ve said, he won’t consider at least one,
If God hasn’t put it into the heart of a young man.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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