Hawk Told The Statue Over Land I Glide By Rumi Balkhi

Hawk told the statue over land I glide
Statue said, “I’m fine, enjoy your ride.”
When I am glad, I can go to sleep
But go for a walk when I’m sad and weep
If in the bottom of a dark well dwell
For handsome Joseph, at least, must fare well.
Where beloved is, is ideal place
Bottom of a well, or high up in space.
In deep dark ocean the oyster will hurl
All caution with joy, searching for pearl.
When God sweeps away all your greed
Return to your soul, the sole guide you need.
In the divine light, a speck of dust
Joyously dances, without need or lust.
You too can choose to dance in light divine
Delight the stars and deep earthly mine.
Pride of Tabriz, King of the Wise
Joy in company and solitude arise.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
April 12, 1998

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