Happy Days Were When Your Hand Was By My Side, By Hafiz Shirazi

Happy days were when your hand was by my side,
Signs of your love, my features beautified.
Happy days were when your words crucified,
Then my soul resurrected, upward glide.
Happy days were when the wine, we glorified,
God was with me while by my side was my bride.
Happy days were when your candle was my guide,
And my heart, like a moth, your flames would ride.
Happy days were when amidst knowledge and pride
The drunken laughter was dignified.
Happy days were when we drank from the cup in our stride,
And told tales of the things that we tried.
Happy days were when Beloved would decide,
On the sun and moon, in service, relied.
Happy days in the tavern I would abide
Saw the things that from the temple would hide.
Happy days were when your signal verified;
Made the crooked straight, Hafiz, narrow, wide.
© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
April 14, 1999
یاد باد آن کـه نـهانـت نـظری با ما بود
رقـم مـهر تو بر چـهره ما پیدا بود
یاد باد آن که چو چشمت به عتابم می‌کشت
مـعـجز عیسویت در لـب شـکرخا بود
یاد باد آن که صبوحی زده در مجلس انـس
جز مـن و یار نـبودیم و خدا با ما بود
یاد باد آن که رخت شمع طرب می‌افروخـت
وین دل سوخـتـه پروانـه ناپروا بود
یاد باد آن که در آن بزمگـه خـلـق و ادب
آن کـه او خنده مستانه زدی صـهـبا بود
یاد باد آن کـه چو یاقوت قدح خـنده زدی
در میان مـن و لـعـل تو حـکایت‌ها بود
یاد باد آن که نگارم چو کـمر بربـسـتی
در رکابـش مـه نو پیک جـهان پیما بود
یاد باد آن که خرابات نشین بودم و مسـت
وآنچه در مسجدم امروز کم است آن جا بود
یاد باد آن که به اصلاح شما می‌شد راست
نـظـم هر گوهر ناسفته که حافـظ را بود

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