Gurgen – Magtymguly Pyragy

There is a big mountain in front of it with a haze on its tops,
The wind of Gurgen blows, coming from the sea,
When the streams are filled with rain due to the heavy clouds,
The mudflows of Gurgen will run steadily.
There are forests of reeds there,
And amazing beauties wearing gold and silver,
Well-fed sheep, racing horses and cows,
These are the animals that make up the herds of Gurgen.
Thoroughbred camels walk in orderly rows,
Loaded with the heavy goods of their wealthy merchant owners,
There are tall and steep overhanging cliffs,
Surrounding it on its front and back, right and left.
There are beys with their embroidered silk belts on,
Riding their horses with falcons in their hands,
There are mountain deers with their white chests enjoying the sea breeze,
And fallow deers bleating in the deserts of Gurgen.
Magtymguly will cross many lands,
Suffering from the pain of separation,
Graceful fairies with eyes resembling the ones of deers will wave,
Walking down the river fords of Gurgen.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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