Grief Will Not Remain – Magtymguly Pyragy

Grief Will Not Remain
A garden that once was full of nightingales,
A nightingale itself will leave you, and grief will not remain.
Rainy, snowy and foggy mountains,
Mudflows will leave you, the fog will not remain.
Sons of Adam were created different from each other,
Some tall, some short; some wise, others fools; some with a conscience and some without,
The time of youth resembles the season of spring,
But the spring will leave you, it will not remain.
Welcome anyone who comes with honor, if you can.
Keep your intentions in compliance with good will,
Let generosity be your companion in life,
This life will pass, it will not remain.
This world is turbulent, full of conflicts.
Some are busy with charity; others are busy with greed.
Young men, this world is like this, indeed,
By pouring out its glittering drops from the skies, the rain will not remain.
It is a temporary stop where you enjoy food and drink for three days,
But after four days when you’ve just settled,
Feeling at ease and relaxed, they will stir you up,
A guest will not remain for more than five days.
A day will come when the soil will embrace and hide you,
These fragile eyes will be filled with black soil,
Do not boast, the meadows are full of flowers;
The flowers will leave you, festivities will not remain.
Magtymguly will say to his wise friend,
Who can flee from the hands of the angel of death?
A day will come when you will be placed in the soil,
The tongue will leave your mouth, your speech will not remain.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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