Gone in This Direction – Magtymguly Pyragy

Gone in This Direction
Don’t be proud of your wealth and riches,
Oh, what came from nowhere has gone in this direction.
Do not boast about deeds not worthy,
Many came and drowned in this mud.
These lands have seen many troubles,
How many hearts are burning due to these sufferings?
Many brave men abandoned them,
Whereas some have taken them for honey, and got themselves into a disaster.
Hey, clever young man, come here,
I’ve got some words; listen with all your heart.
Wherever you see a dervish, go, and get his blessings.
There is no one else better than a dervish for God!
A rich not paying his zakat deserves nothing but Hell,
Those who are disgraceful to dervishes are equal to stray dogs,
A dervish is a river on Earth, and the Moon in the sky,
What can a pig do to a river, a dog barking at the moon?
It is not a trustful land for a man to sleep.
Whoever is listening attentively, please, justify my words.
Magtymguly, make your advice so that they can keep it for the brave.
Who newly came to maintain the old palace?
Magtymguly Pyragy

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