Goklen – Magtymguly Pyragy

When in the desert, Goklen3
Will act like a deer or kulan,4
When inspired going into battle,
Goklen will turn into a hungry lion.
He won’t abandon the land of his people,
Neither trouble nor disaster will impact him,
Oh, Goklen, I hope you prove my words—
If God is willing.
Mowlam has inspired me,
Thanks to you we are blessed,
No one will encroach upon you,
Come back to Gurgen, Goklen.
God prompts my words,
It is enough to utter them once,
Those who come with evil,
Will ask you for mercy, Goklen.
If a servant becomes effusive,
Nishapur will issue a decree,
And this era will become the epoch,
For all of the Muslims, Goklen.
Khorasan will turn into ruins,
Leveled by horses,
They won’t march as far as Mazenderan,
And come to a decision, Goklen.
Your faith will remain as the light of God,
Your strength will increase as the power of Rome,
You’ll fight like a hungry jackal,
Marching in the field, Goklen!
Your troops will be strong in the battle,
Your statehood will become more robust,
In the fight with Kizilbash,
You will be able to conquer Iran, Goklen!
Addressing the Great God,
I wish that your wealth may increase,
Pyragy says, leading your troops
You will reach Tehran, Goklen!
Magtymguly Pyragy

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