Go To Sleep By Rumi Balkhi

Go to sleep
Leave me alone
At nights I leap
Up, on my own.
With waves of desire
Day and night, all alone
Compassion inspire
Else vengeful fits are thrown.
From me run away
Afflictions I’ve sown
For wholeness must pray
Else hardships are grown.
With my tearful eyes
And melancholic groan
Well of tears shall rise
Waterwheels have known.
My beauty, my fill,
Has a heart of stone
Heartlessly will kill
Yet remain on her throne.
My beloved and queen
Deserves not her throne
To her lover is mean
Patient, kindly, my tone.
Death and another pain
Incurable, we are prone;
I, speechless remain
Afflicted in this zone.
The dragon on the path
Keeps treasures on loan;
Defied the dragon’s wrath
When love’s treasures shone.
Leave me alone in my state
Spare me this debate
You speak of skull and bone
And punish the lover’s moan.
Translated By: Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 18, 1999

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