From the Unfaithful – Magtymguly Pyragy

From the Unfaithful
Don’t give your heart to the unfaithful,
Look, who has seen loyalty from unfaithful people?
Don’t put yourself into many sufferings for nothing;
Who has benefited from such pains?
Listen to the melody of love from a distance,
If you’re afraid of pain, don’t go there from the very start,
If you’re short of remedies for a sickness called love,
Go and ask those who have encountered such a disaster.
My word is advice, be ready to listen.
I’m a servant of a slave, who is in need of such a word,
You should know that a woman, flirting with forty men, is better
Than those who speak too much and look for trouble.
He who gets a bowl of pure drink,
Will brighten his soul like a mirror,
The world is a seven-headed creature swallowing everything,
Even those who run away won’t escape these troubles.
Magtymguly, don’t sleep satisfied with what you have,
You will be sleeping long in your grave-clothes,
Having left his master, can one find,
What he needs, asking poor slaves for it!
Magtymguly Pyragy

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