Forward – Abdulla Şaiq



Forget about the past, my dear,
Don’t touch it anymore!
Don’t raise those heavy curtains of yesteryear!
The past has always been a well
With a thousand ladders,
A dragon, a snake, sleeping on each one.
Don’t open that well, my child.
Never open it.
Don’t play the saz* of the past,
Grieving souls any more.
Let them rot on the stalk in that dark cemetery,
Don’t allow your young life to be poisoned, my dear!
Go forward, and don’t look back;
There is no need!
Think always of the future;
Keep your eyes focused on it!
Don’t forget that those bright eyes
Beneath your forehead.
Were given to see what lies in front of you –
To follow the way.
Always set your eyes forward and seek the bright way
And go, go, and don’t stop.
Away from that stormy, dreary past!
Go, go with fiery, firm steps. Don’t stop, go on!
Believe me, there’s a world, like a paradise, ahead,
The sun will rise
And happiness will shine forth tomorrow.


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