Forever Joy Is My Prize By Hafiz Shirazi

Forever joy is my prize
With the wine of desire
Thankfully God gratifies
What I wish or require
O unpredictable fate
Embrace me like your mate
Sometimes golden cup and plate
Sometimes wine acquire
Drunk and insane is my game
It is my name and my fame
Unwise Elders will blame
And the Leaders for hire
From the recluse and devout
Loudly I repent and shout
The works of the pious doubt
“God forbid!” is my choir
O soul what can I say
Of pain of being away?
My eyes tearfully play
And my soul is on fire
To doubters it will not show
Such pain, who’ll ever know?
The spruce will long to grow
Your face the moon inspire
Longing for your lips
Has Hafiz in its grips
Forget the night-school’s tips
And prayers of morning crier
© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
January 21, 2000
عیشم مدام است از لعل دلخواه
کارم بـه کام است الحمدلـلـه
ای بخت سرکش تنگش به بر کش
گـه جام زر کش گه لعل دلخواه
ما را به رندی افـسانـه کردند
پیران جاهـل شیخان گـمراه
از دسـت زاهد کردیم توبـه
و از فـعـل عابد استغفرالـلـه
جانا چـه گویم شرح فراقـت
چشـمی و صد نم جانی و صد آه
کافر مبیناد این غم که دیده‌سـت
از قامتـت سرو از عارضـت ماه
شوق لـبـت برد از یاد حافـظ
درس شـبانـه ورد سـحرگاه

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