For Chovdur Khan – Magtymguly Pyragy

For Chovdur Khan
People hoped to ask for the help of,
Ahmet Shah for Chovdur Khan,
It was a destiny to go and not to come,
Back safe and sound for Chovdur Khan.
Trees have curdled, rains have stopped,
Clouds have slowed down, unable to tolerate this pain,
The earth has degraded and destinies gotten furious,
Even deserts turned into a paradise for Chovdur Khan.
The death has become outrageous, eager to break the balance wheel,
The fate wished to grant him with tenderness,
The river has overflown to kill his thirst,
The lakes submerged for Chovdur Khan.
Your people stayed behind with hope in their hearts,
Your beloved Annahal was waiting with hope deep inside,
Your brother Atanazar had nothing to do but grieve over you,
Covering long distances in search for Chovdur Khan.
Sultans and khans know his value when he comes,
People were left in ambiguity – his repentance is in his soul,
The death or the fate brought you to Yezd, Kerman;
Maybe blood kin attracted you, Chovdur Khan.
Oracles became deaf and dumb, whereas fortune-tellers told only bitter predictions;
The rains became a barrier, roads dangerous,
The springs dried out, the stones turned into wax,
The tongues became eloquent for Chovdur Khan.
Speak out Magtymguly, let the world know,
Let them become witnesses that he is in paradise;
Let people pray, saying “May the Lord be merciful,”
And the entire nation joins in this prayer for Chovdur Khan.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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