Flower-Like – Magtymguly Pyragy

Hey, my friends, the embrace of a worthy beloved,
Resembles a paradise and a flower,
Diamonds are spread around when she speaks,
And her voice is like the song of a nightingale.
The fire of love burnt us all down,
Don’t ask anything from me,
My sweetheart’s beautiful face,
Resembles the moon and the sun.
How did I bear this suffering and separation?
The distance is far, no way for me to reach her,
With eyebrows penciled as a bow, and almond-like eyelids,
With braids resembling ears of wheat.
Combing your beautiful curls,
You are driving me crazy,
She is a candle and I am a butterfly around it,
I’m on fire; my body is turning into ashes.
Nobody suffers from love like me in this world,
I can’t even fill my desire to see her,
Her teeth are pearls and her mouth resembles a flower bud,
Her waist is so thin like a strand of hair.
Her eyes are like daffodils, she is as tall as a boxwood,
Her eyelashes are thick as steel,
A fairy with a slender body, like a cypress,
She is like an endless bunch of flowers.
Two pomegranates adorn her chest,
A pair of birthmarks adorning her ivory face,
The honey streaming from her lips,
Remind one of sweets and delights.
There is much in her attire,
Her dresses always matching,
The color of henna she died her hands with,
Is as red as the color of blood.
Magtymguly, your life is wasted,
With unfulfilled striving to find your beloved,
Sitting there staring into the distance,
You recall a blind man unable to find his path.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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