Fetdah – Magtymguly Pyragy

Iran and Turan are now under your rule,
Now rejoice at your reign, Fetdah,
All the Turkmen people will live happily in the desert,
Know this: do not shed the blood of the innocent, Fetdah.
Today you are a Shah, but you can become a beggar tomorrow,
Deprived of your people, motherland and religion,
One day will come: your soul will leave your body, you will be dead,
You have committed so many sins, Fetdah.
I am sure of it, but if you find it out, you will behead me,
Or will chain me and throw me into a deep trench,
I am telling the truth, you will be adding more sins,
If you continue killing, Fetdah.
You made the Turkmen suffer,
You filled my beautiful land with blood,
Those who are killed in honor have risen from the graves,
You will have to forget your throne, Fetdah.
The people`s revenge is great, your fate is wretched,
You will surely either die or be imprisoned,
Don’t hope for life, if you lose your throne,
Because you turned our bread into poison, Fetdah.
The people were plundered because of your order,
You are guilty for the tears, pouring from innocent eyes,
The tender backs were whipped forty times on your order,
Blood was flowing as rivers in front of our eyes, Fetdah.
You separated us from our fathers, mothers, brothers,
You bereaved us of hands, legs, beards and hair,
Teeth, tongues, minds and consciousness,
You turned this world into a prison, Fetdah.
We are separated, our beloved are left behind with tears in their eyes,
Our moaning filled the entire universe,
Your gallows are filled with people hanging,
You hired hundreds of butchers, Fetdah.
Pyragy, nothing is left but sharing and suffering pain
Until Fetdah satiates his thirst for blood,
This makes me feel dead, though I am alive,
If Fetdah finds out about this destan, I will be dead.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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