Far Behind – Magtymguly Pyragy

Far Behind
What joyful time is youth;
Spring has passed, it is far behind us now.
Old age has come accompanied with a thousand pains,
Fall equinox has passed, frost came, and winter has begun its reign.
I have spent my life always in a rush,
I did not find time for austerity or service to God,
I have spent my precious youth worthlessly,
Now I have neither strength nor inspiration.
Not a single bit of joy is left in my life,
No one will hear my bitter sufferings,
The fire of separation grilled my body,
Our hearts are bleeding; our eyes are full of tears.
Every servant suffers the pain of separation,
My body froze, its flowers withered.
The treasury is robbed, the house is burgled,
Neither mind, nor conscience is left.
Separation brought me a hundred thousand nights of grief,
My nights are endless, I can’t wait for dawn’s break.
It is a torture to spend a day in sadness,
Neither my soul is at peace, nor do I enjoy my life.
Separation caused lots of trouble to my soul and body,
I suffered a lot, now my body turned yellow,
My hair and beard turned gray because of my sufferings,
I have no joy in my soul, or pleasure in my heart.
Magtymguly, to quarrel is my only destiny,
My brain stopped thinking due to this evil separation,
I wonder what kind of deal this is, and what state I am in;
My soul got separated from my body and only flesh is left.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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