Everywhere – Magtymguly Pyragy

The worst thing is living without a beloved,
I wish I had a chance to look around everywhere,
Oh, Creator, grant me a beloved;
I have been suffering greatly.
Send me a beloved with a lovely figure,
A kind soul, with a broad chest,
A sweet speech, clever mind,
With a charming face as well.
Don’t drift apart from those who respect,
Don’t befriend those who disrespect,
Do not give one, who does not understand,
Let her be modest in her speech and open-hearted.
Your generosity is endless, you know it,
You will say, “Pray, turn to me,”
If you give something, give it faster,
There is no trust in this soul.
Let her be tall, not short,
Let her not be too demanding,
Let her not be stupid, or without manners,
Let her be modest in her speech and open-hearted.
It is not easy to find a good wife,
An ignorant man will not know the value of a good woman,
A man with no wife will have no patience,
If you have the power of Solomon.
Oh, Lord, be merciful, do not leave
Any Muslim with no faith and wife,
Any dervish with no road,
Any young man with no wealth.
Magtymguly, even if I suffer greatly or fall into the fire,
No one will believe me,
I dream of embracing a beloved,
To express my feelings towards her openly.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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