Esther, A Sonnet Sequence Xxxv

Esther, A Sonnet Sequence Xxxv

“Silence. I will not listen!” “And for what?”
She added strangely, in a softer mood.
“You see I am not angry. Do you not?
Only soft–hearted, and alas! too good.
Why did you follow me?” She took my hand
With a sudden action so devoid of guile
That I, who could not choose but understand,
Was softened too and fooled into a smile.
“Why did you follow me? Here, feel,” she said,
“How my heart beats. It frightens me to find
So much of cunning in so young a head,
So young a heart,–and mine which is not blind!”
She pressed my hand to her side. In truth, her heart
Was beating there, my own heart’s counterpart.

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