Engaged in Trifles – Magtymguly Pyragy

Engaged in Trifles
Oh, an ignorant man, you are occupied by your sufferings,
You have spent your life engaged in trifles,
The world is a snake; you lean on it, and sleeping,
How can one be at ease lying with a snake?
Earn your faith, don’t be so ignorant,
Do not deliberately throw yourself into the fire,
So, spend your life awake, do not sleep,
You will be in the grave after so much suffering.
Whatever direction you chose, it will take you to the grave.
If you earn good deeds, your grave will be lighted,
If you have a good nature, you will be granted a place in Paradise; fairies will be at your service,
If you are ill-natured, you’ll be burned with fire.
The moment your eyes are closed, you will be separated from all your wealth,
After your death those who stayed alive won’t know your state,
Whatever deed you have been engaged in, evil or good,
You will always confront them as if they accompany you forever.
Originally infidels won’t get mixed with Muslims,
A true Muslim won’t ever commit a haram deed,
He who chooses a blind man to guide him on his trip,
Won’t cover any distance, nor will arrive anywhere.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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