Durmukha’s Speech By Valmiki

Durmukha’s Speech

Durmukha of cruel visage and of fierce and angry word,
Rose within the Council Chamber, spake to Lanka’s mighty lord:

‘Never shall the wily foeman boast of insult on us flung,
Hanuman shall die a victim for the outrage and the wrong!

Stealing in unguarded Lanka through thy city’s virgin gate,
He hath courted deep disaster and a dark untimely fate,

Stealing in the inner mansions where our dames and damsels dwell,
Hanuman shall die a victim,-tale of shame he shall not tell!

Need is none of Ravan’s army, bid me seek the foe alone,
If he hides in sky or ocean or in nether regions thrown,

Need is none of gathered forces, Ravan’s mandate I obey,
I will smite the bold intruder and his Vanar forces slay!


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