Dovletali – Magtymguly Pyragy

It becomes a pillar for Sunnis, a barrier for infidels,
If Dovletali sharpens his sword,
It becomes a destan5 for the universe,
A message for his people if Dovletali speaks up.
His words became a behest for his people,
A shelter for the poor in wretched days,
In the far lands, in the neighborhoods,
Friends and enemies are pleased with Dovletali.
During all his life he conquered a lot,
Until the Creator put an end to his life;
Living a happy life in this world until he died,
The spring of Dovletali had never ended.
Misfortune will touch anyone it chooses,
One won’t avoid his fate if it is decided;
An eagle would be defeated if a falcon so wished,
A lion would be tricked by the skill of Dovletali.
He has a large tribe and a great nation,
When united they are famous and known to the world,
With a sword in the battlefield, eloquent in
The Council of State, Dovletali is equal to one hundred.
If he wishes, the frozen stones will melt,
If he is angry, mountains will follow his orders,
Brighter than the Sun and purer than the Moon,
The star of Dovletali is high in the sky.
He is the commander, sultan to countless people,
He is merciless as a lion in the battlefield,
His abode is a Mosque, his home is the Council,
Throughout days and nights for Dovletali.
His entreaty goes as far as the heavens,
He is a leopard in the forest, a tiger in the mountains,
He is an anchor on a ship, a raft in a river,
Wherever Dovletali goes.
The wretched will cry over you,
No one was able to help you,
His horse was left behind in the gardens, his companion is left on the road.
The message of Dovletali will never be known.
Magtymguly, he left this world having no one equal to him,
Having no match for his position or courage,
Having no sons like the prophet, and no end like Solomon,
The end of Dovletali will be just like that.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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