Don’T Worry, Little Girl By Edgar Albert Guest

Don’T Worry, Little Girl

Don’t worry, little girl,
Don’t you let one golden curl
Get awry.

Don’t you ever let appear
E’en the symbol of a tear
In your eye.
For the world has need of girls
Who have sun-kissed golden curls,
And the world, with all its scheming,
Wants the light that’s ever beaming
In a maiden’s eyes today;
You were born for love and play.

Don’t you worry, wife of mine,
Don’t you ever show a sign
Of grim care;
Laugh and sing your way along,
All the grief and all the wrong
I can bear.
For along life’s dusty miles
I have need of all your smiles,
I have need of all your laughter,
Let it ring from floor to rafter,
For, in all I say or do,
All my cheer must come from you.


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