Don’t Leave This Land – Magtymguly Pyragy

Don’t Leave This Land
Oh, my brother Abdullah,
Don’t leave this land,
Let God bless you with strength!
Don’t let loneliness be part of your soul.
If you leave this motherland,
Listen to your heart.
If you happen to cross over that ocean,
Maybe the Prophet Noah will come to your aid.
I shall be left behind alone,
And only evil will be my companion,
Each thought of you will make me cry,
My kiblah, my father Azady.
Lofty mountains covered with fog,
Great times pass by,
Trees are abundant with fruit,
Hiding you, the gardener.
What fate has given us!
It took the soul out of my body.
Great nations have fallen ill.
God, send us Lukman, the healer.
I couldn’t bear the fathers’ whimper,
I couldn’t tour the world like a wind,
I couldn’t swim in the depths of the ocean,
I disturbed the waters of the Jeyhun.
My elder and younger brother,
My lonely life comes to an end,
Futility became my best friend,
You turned this world into a prison.
My friends, where is my companion?
Those who toured to India,
Those who saw the light of God’s countenance,
Did you see Hanmengli?6
I constantly entreated favor,
I constantly caused my soul misery,
I was foully slandered,
I faded as if in a cold fall.
I cried over injustice, my bloody tears flowing,
The loneliness seized my heart;
My word is not worthy of trust,
I should forget that God.
Everything is turned upside down,
The soil turns into oil,
With whom shall I share my grief?
To whom shall I reveal this secret?
I didn’t see such a pristine land,
I sacrificed a lot,
A gamesman became my companion,
While travelling in India.
I was fooled by a healer,
Foxes and jackals acted as leopards,
All mullahs became avid,
And forgot the Quran.
I will speak if you ask me to,
My flame will sting if you come close,
If you go to the house of the rich,
They won’t welcome you as a guest.
Crabs wonder in the ocean.
Travel the world whenever you can!
You do not know when your breath will stop;
Not until God orders it so.
A word came to my tongue,
I wore a belt around my waist,
Magtymguly says: I dedicated,
All destans to my people.
Magtymguly Pyragy

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