Discourse 32

Discourse 32

Knowingness is the perfect Sheik. Inspired and true thoughts are His disciples ranked according to God’s closeness to them. As each thought expands it comes nearer to knowingness and farther from doubt.

All thoughts suck milk at the breast of certainty, and grow. Theory and practice nourish each thought until it approaches certainty. Then thought passes away into certainty, for, in knowingness, thought no longer remains.

The sheikhs and their disciples in the world today are reflections of that Sheikh of Knowingness. The disciples are proof that although the form of teaching changes from age to age, generation after generation, that Sheikh of Certainty and the Lovers of Truth are eternal, and never change.

Errant and doubtful thoughts are the outcast disciples of the Sheikh of Knowingness. Every day they wander further from the truth, and fall deeper into darkness.

“In their hearts is a sickness,

And God increases their sickness.”

The masters eat dates, but prisoners eat thorns.

“Save those who return to truth,

And do righteous deeds.

God will change their evil

Into good.”

Every experience leads us to certainty, even acts of corruption. Like the cunning thief who repents and joins the police force, all their thieving tricks now become a power for justice. They are more certain than all the other policemen who were never thieves, since having stolen they know the ways of thieves. If they should then become a Sheikh they would be perfect, the Elder of the world and the Mahdi of the age.